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Chef Dish

Personal Chef + Meal Prep

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After years in food service, catering, and corporate hospitality management, Chef Terrel has taken her vast expertise to create Food Mixology. As a foodie, Chef Terrel is well versed in various healthy lifestyles, dietary needs, and allergens. She has certifications in Culinary Nutrition Management, ServSafe Food Management & Safety, Food Allergen training, as well as a Culinary Arts certification. She has expertise researching, writing, and developing healthy recipes based on current food trends and recipe makeovers. Her additional work includes developing menus for upscale catering companies and sporting event suites, recipe development. She facilitated in person healthy cooking seminars for Yardie Fitness. In 2020 she became a cookbook contributor by writing and developing recipes for a Holistic Physician. 

What is Food Mixology?

Chef Terrel Food Mixology is a personal chef service that was created from the observation that many people would like to enjoy great tasting, freshly prepared, healthy, chef-inspired meals at home, but need a little help to get the job done. Our mission is to create healthy meals to satisfy those who desire to eat clean and stay excited about their meals, as well as discover a range of cuisines within their dietary preferences, while keeping in line with one's health and fitness goals. There is also a need to educate on which foods are good for your body and proper portion sizes. Our belief is that food should not only be satisfying, but also convenient, healthy, and taste great. Chef Terrel works hard researching, testing and developing a mix of recipes.

Here's where we come in.

Chef Terrel Food Mixology balances a mix of services and is here to make your life easier, leaving you healthier and satisfied. Enjoy healthy, nutrient-dense meals without the shopping, preparing, cooking, and cleaning. Our goal is to provide you with great meals, prepared with the freshest ingredients possible, focusing on macronutrient proportions. You can experience ready-to-eat chef inspired meals to satisfy your palate, made especially for you.

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